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Business needs lawyers who understand business, who clearly communicate likely results and costs, and who provide effective service at a cost that is proportional to what is at stake.

Robbie has experience in business as well as practicing law. After completing his Cambridge MBA in 2005, he spent three years on a range of entrepreneurial and consulting projects.

●   Advised BP on changes to their culture in the North Sea to better manage costs
●  Advised on a commercialization strategy for a new gas metering technology
●  Business Development Director for a Vancouver biotech start-up
●  Business Development Director for an online market intelligence firm serving the gaming sector

Know Your Rights
* You have the right to legal counsel when dealing with ICBC, the police, or anyone in authority.
* You have the right to understand the legal process.
* You have the right to a lawyer who will advocate for what is most important to you. Please contect Corporate Law Lawyer Surrey

Never accept a settlement, enter a plea, or make any significant legal decision without consulting with Vancouver Lawyers first. Our initial consultation is always free, and not having it could cost you dearly.

Your Testimonials

"Thank you so much for your services over the last year. I appreciated everything and am very very happy with the outcome on December 11 and am also very happy this whole thing is over now. You come with high praise and I will not hesitate to refer you should anyone of my contacts run into some trouble down the way."
R.k Paul

“I known Vancouver Lawyers for 6 years. They have helped me many times deal with car accidents and criminal matters. They always got me a good result. We became friends”.


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